The Journey of the Soul to unfold its purpose…

Estelle California
5 min readJan 14, 2020


Coming to California to give back to Africa….

It might seem in a way a bit confusing, I come from France, spent time in Africa, moved to California, and now I am called to give back to Africa …But it is actually very coherent.

I grew up in an incredible racist environment the country itself, Europe but france specially and the close environment around me as a kid … I mean it’s hard to have an idea of all what I had to hear as a kid and that I still hear it in my head sometimes, maybe it is this fight I am working on, and for sure it does explain a lot of my obssessive quest. If I had grown up here, in California, I would have nothing to say or to stand for this way … That’s also maybe why my music, my purpose speaks more to Africans, Brazilians and other states than California .

It is amazing how the journey made me come here to California to be able to grow, to get free to speak my truth, healed and strong enough to stand up and give back to the other side of the ocean where I come from . For me now it is coherent, even if it was not on purpose at all.

So as you know I released my single “Black is The true Light” in November and since then, many beautiful people have reached out to me, and one of them is Sarany, who is a school teacher in Senegal. He sent me these pictures and videos of his kids singing the song and carrying these signs….and God, these kids are all to me. It made me weep, it was the most beautiful Christmas present I ever got. If I can help to give them a bit of the empowerment they deserve, I can die fulfilled.

When I was a kid, there where always a part of me thinking it can’t be true, you know as a kid you believe your parents whatever they say usually, right, even when my mom would tell me that all was my fault, I would believe her … but the racists statements I never beleived them . I don’t know why but I always knew it was wrong, it could not be even if I could not say it … and god knows they have been fighting me for thinking differently, for being attracted to the Black energy but that would not change . In my kid’s head there were two side of the fence, the white hateful violent people that had the power over us and the other ones, the Black, kind, and shamed ones but more happy, well without hesitation I knew that was my side of the fence and there were a mistake on the side I was born … well now I know why I was born on this side of the fence and God, I am even grateful cause I learned from it so much.

It gave me a huge strength and desire to dismantle it and give back to the oppressed side … and actually now, being adult I can see how what I used to see as the white side of the fence is indeed the white supremacist system that keeps the power in its hands, dictates the lies in which we grow and raises us to beleive it all, keeping us stuck in misery .

Well, I will do my best to speak up and dismantle as many of these lies as I can and not only the ones about colors… but all the ones that I grew up with, that says that when you have been raped you must have deserve it, that being beaten up as a kid is be your fault always, well, no it’s a no, it took me a long time to think it, to say it, to mean it, to know my rights but it’s a no . And it’s a no for all of us .

The ones that says that there is no other goal in life then being first and wining the competition of life well it’s another lie, my friends actually the main things to run after is happiness and growth that helps happiness, and failure is a big part of the growth’s journey….

I think I grew in a mental jail of white supremacy mindset where intellectualism was in service of the worst and would articulate with brilliant French words the worst statements ever, the most hateful, discriminatory judgemental and prejudiced ever … and there would be no space for doubt else than heresy … and these people in charge are actually young souls, they are the ones heads of the world, the big companies, government and all …

It is time to open the curtains for the new generations coming up and to tell them the truth from all of the lies we have been raised in and still soaking in .

Lies to keep us stuck in misery and them in power . Lies to keep them safe when they feel threatened as it is above all a big confession of insecurity cause when you are safe in your power and love yourself you don’t need to put the others down .

Now you might understand more why I can’t stop, why I have so much to give back, to stand up for, to scream about, to heal and to change in the world, I grew up in such a crazy world without being able to speak or even articulate properly how this crazyness that seemed normal for all around me…

I think that the Universe did put me under a very special overload of this system where I could see all the inventory of abuse and that to train me, shape me to do what I am begining to do now .

So now you might get why these kids these kids are all to me … it’s not the Estelle they hold in their hands at all no it’s the we are the light !!! This my friends if I can give that back to the kids of Motherland after all what I heard in my life, it is the least I can do for the rest of my life.

This pure energy of Africa that Europe has been sucking and denigrating for so long … but actually, they DO know what happiness is and it is not about success or money no, they might be the ones that have the key to another system that we have a lot to learn from …

So here, to these kids of Light, these babies of motherland where the pure source energy of life is and remains despite all .



Estelle California

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